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Message from  Mary Loose DeViney, Volunteer Fire Corps Executive Director

The Charlottesville Fire Corps provides an exciting opportunity for our citizens to give back to the community by providing non-emergency assistance to their Charlottesville Fire Department. 

The Fire Corps is seeking volunteers with a wide variety of skills. 

I hope you will spend a few minutes reviewing the opportunities we have available. 

Please complete the Fire Corps Application Form and return it right away, so we can start putting your skills to good use!

We need your help to support the Charlottesville Fire Department and its critical mission. Become a Fire Corps member!                                                                

Ways You Can Become Involved:
Family Support
Technology Support
Non-English Speaking Cultural and Language Assistance
Assistance to the disabled
Historian and Photographer
Graphic/Artistic Needs
Construction Specialists
Community Relations and Public Education
Community Specialists
Smoke Detector Program
Special Events

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The Charlottesville Fire Corps was created to create opportunities for citizens to give back to their community by providing non-emergency assistance to their local fire department. 

Fire Corps members provide a wide variety of non-operational services, including educational programs promoting fire safety for senior citizens and children, promotion of the smoke detector program, recruiting of foreign language translators, and assistance to firefighters during critical incidents.

Charlottesville Fire Chief Werner said, "Fire Corps volunteers will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our firefighters. It is a great way for people to support our work and make a real difference in the community." 

The Fire Corps is seeking volunteers with a wide variety of skills. We will match the volunteers' skills and time availability  to the needs of the Fire Department. Our goal is to provide outreach, education and communication  to the Charlottesville community and support for the City's firefighters.

The Charlottesville Fire Corps is a partner program of the Citizen Corps, using citizen volunteers in non-emergency roles to support and supplement resource-constrained fire and emergency service departments at all levels:  volunteer, combination, and career.

Fire Corps is a partnership between the International Association of Fire Chiefs' Volunteer & Combination Officers Section (VCOS),  and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC).  In his 2002 State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush announced the  creation of the USA Freedom Corps, which is an effort to foster a culture of service, citizenship, and responsibility, building on the  generous spirit of the American people.  One of the initiatives of USA Freedom Corps is Citizen Corps.  Citizen Corps programs share the common goal of helping communities prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies of all kinds.  
Click Here to follow the link to the national Fire Corps website.

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Fire Corps
Website for the national Fire Corps effort.

Virginia Department of Fire Programs

Sparky the Fire Dog
Website to educate and entertain children.

Citizen Corps

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Fire Corps Members Needed
The Charlottesville Fire Corps is looking for volunteers to fill the following positions. 
To volunteer for any of these positions, click here to download the Volunteer Application form.
For questions, email
Shannon Morris or call him at 434-970-3865.
Family Support Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator
Vintage Fire Apparatus Restoration
Fire Historian
Graphic Artist
Community Relations Coordinator
Smoke Detector Program Assistant
Fire Prevention Educator: Schools
Fire Prevention Educator: Community
Language Instructors, Tutors, and Interpretive Services
Fire Prevention Educator for the Disabled
Fire Corps Webmaster
Technology Assistant
Emergency Provision Coordinator
Explorer Post Leader
Community Specialists
Fire/EMS Training Role Player
Family Support Coordinator Coordinates emergency personnel family support at critical times such as when personnel must remain on duty during storm incidents, extended emergency situations, or incident injury. Coordinates support services with chaplain, social workers, and other members of the crisis intervention team. Qualifications: Experience as social worker, chaplain, or psychologist; professional training in crisis intervention.

Fundraising Coordinator Develops affinity corporate partnerships based on the department's needs and interest; seeks donations of equipment, supplies, and other departmental needs. Searches for grants, seeks grant partners, writes grant applications, and assists with grant management. Qualifications: Related work experience, good writing skills, knowledge of the community.

Special Events Coordinator Schedules, promotes, organizes, and directs special events or portions of department events. Qualifications: Organized and can work unsupervised, good communications skills, self starter who is able to collaborate with paid and volunteer staff members.

Vintage Fire Apparatus Restoration Restores vintage apparatus for historical, educational, and special event value, researches and locates necessary parts, performs repair work, and schedules necessary outside work and donations. Qualifications: Mechanical aptitude, interest, and experience in mechanical work.

Photographer/Videographer Photographs special events, department events, and emergency incidents; labels and catalogues photographs and/or videos and stores them in designated department location; prepares photographic displays. Qualifications: Must have access to appropriate equipment, knowledge of digital camera and/or video and various lenses. Must be able to organize photographs and catalogue appropriately. Able to create photographic displays.

Fire Historian Researches history of Charlottesville Fire Department and Charlottesville Volunteer Fire Company, records oral histories given by retired firefighters and other community members, compiles existing materials, gathers information and materials of historical significance, may develop displays for public events. Works closely with archivist. Qualifications: Able to conduct research and prepare documentation of fire service history. Must have good organizational skills and have an appreciation of the rich history of fire service in Charlottesville.

Graphic Artist Keeps the "Honor Wall" in the Ridge Street Station up-to-date by adding names of retirees, develops logos for community programs such as fitness program,  promotion, and educational materials; assist in creating displays. Qualifications: Experience in graphic design, artistic ability.

Archivist Compiles photos, news clippings, video, audio, historical, and other items and archives in binders, storage facilities, data files, etc. Works closely with Fire Historian. Qualifications: Good organizational skills and ability to use computer databases.

Community Relations Coordinator Ombudsmen, outreach, assist in recruiting additional Fire Corps members; may support multiple areas Qualifications: Organized and can work unsupervised, good communication skills, professional in appearance, problem solver, sensitive to diverse community with diverse issues, self starter.

Smoke Detector Program Assistant Help promote smoke detector program by assisting with signing up residents needing smoke detectors, help install and test smoke detectors. Criminal background check is required. Qualifications: Must be able to work with the public, some mechanical skills.

Fire Prevention Educator: Schools Assists with contacting schools and delivering fire prevention presentations to students to increase their fire prevention and safety knowledge. Criminal and social services background checks is required. Qualifications: Teaching and/or presentation experience with children, good public speaking skills, ability to learn elements of fire prevention and safety information, good phone skills.

Fire Prevention Educator: Community Assists with contacting community groups, including neighborhood associations, civic and fraternal groups, University organizations, clubs, and citizen centers, and resident groups, presents fire prevention and safety information. Qualifications: Teaching and/or presentation experience, good public speaking skills, able to learn elements of fire prevention and safety information, good phone skills.

Language Instructors, Tutors, and Interpretive Services Provides classes or personal tutoring in basic foreign language instruction to emergency personnel to assist communication with non-English speaking clients; translates fire prevention and educational materials; helps emergency personnel with basic language software like Rosetta Stone; assists with cross-cultural events. Qualifications: Able to speak and read non-English language used by Charlottesville residents, able to teach adults, has familiarity with non-English speaking populations in Charlottesville.

Fire Prevention Educator for the Disabled Provides classes in basic American Sign Language for emergency personnel, presents fire prevention and safety information to groups of disabled residents, and arranges for installation of smoke detectors in residences of disabled persons. Instructs emergency personnel in protecting with persons with disabilities Qualifications: Knows American Sign Language and can teach it. Has experience working with disabled persons. Is knowledgeable about the disabled communities in Charlottesville.

Fire Corps Webmaster Designs and maintains Charlottesville Fire Corps website. Consults with Fire Corps Director and Community relations Coordinator in design and content of website. Qualifications: Must have experience designing and maintaining websites.

Technology Assistant Assists the Department with data entry.  Qualifications: Experience working with video production, databases, very well organized, and meticulous. 

Emergency Provision Coordinator Arranges for the procuring of supplies, food, and beverage service during prolonged incidents at remote locations and to personnel unable to leave their field positions. Arranges for food and beverage service to be delivered to the fire stations during prolonged weather or other emergency events Qualifications: Knowledge of local purchasing and supply restrictions and requirements, knowledge of current nutrition and public health guidelines for emergency workers, ability to arrange for donations, able to be contacted at any time with very short notice.

Explorer Post Leader Lead, encourage, interest, and inspire young men and women in the activities of a Scout Explorer Post related to the Charlottesville Fire Department Qualifications: A good role model for young people, knowledge of Scouting, fire fighting, and emergency services, ability to recruit diverse participants, experience with youth leadership, energy and enthusiasm.

Community Specialists Provide specialized knowledge or training for a specified purpose, e.g. nutrition classes, fitness training, basic computer training . Qualifications: Knowledge of a field, ability to teach adults.

Fire/EMS Training Role Player Assists the CFD training officer in providing training to department personnel and the public as a role player. Qualifications: Outgoing personality, available to work various hours of the day on an infrequent basis.


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Charlottesville Fire Corps held a "We Love Our Firefighters" dinner at the Ridge Street Firehouse on February 23, 2008 to honor current and retired firefighters and their families.

Mayor Dave Norris recognized the contributions of Charlottesville firefights past and present. Chief Warner honored retiring firefighter Mary Garwood, the first female firefighter to retire from career service.

We enjoyed delicious food, generously provided and served by Sandy Motley  Catering, and were entertained by the music of The Bourbon Specials.

Chief Warner Addresses the Crowd

The Bourbon Specials Perform

Mayor Dave Norris Honors
 Firefighters and Their Families

Charlottesville Fire Corps held a "Posada" in December 18, 2007. Members of the local Hispanic community were welcomed to the Ridge Street Firehouse and joined firefighters in a tradition Mexican "Posada."

A Posada is a Mexican Christmas celebration that begins with an enactment of a man and a woman looking for lodging. After knocking on three doors seeking entry, the group is admitted, and then the singing of traditional carols in both Spanish and English begins. 

Firefighters and the guests enjoyed the traditional hot chocolate or “Chocolate Abuelita” and cookies, and the children broke open the Piñata to release the goodies inside.

Meals for Firefighters
Fire Corps volunteer Melissa Poelling cooks meals for firefighters at the fire stations on a regular basis. 

Firefighters appreciate and enjoy the special attention!

Melissa Poelling, Fire Corps Member

Leadership Team
The Fire Corps Leadership Team has brought Charlottesville Fire Corps to life by developing the  foundation of the organization,  providing administrative leadership and coordinating special events.

Leadership Team members are:

Michael Gallahue  
Tony LaBua
Felipe Mendoza
Linda Seaman
Carmelita Wood 

Michael Gallahue, Fire Corps Member
Carmelita Wood  from the Leadership Team, has helped plan and execute our special events, and has arranged with the University Medical Center to feed  firefighters during critical incidents
Carmelita Wood, Fire Corps Member
Executive Director Mary Loose-DeViney attends the National Fire Corps Grassroots Forum in Glen Allen, VA on 6/13/09.

Thanks also to Fire Corps member Susan McGinnis, who has created the Charlottesville Fire Corps website.

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Family Support

Technology Support

Non-English Speaking Cultural and Language Assistance

Assistance to the disabled

Historian and Photographer

Graphic/Artistic Needs

Construction Specialists

Community Relations and Public Education


Community Specialists

Smoke Detector Program

General Activities

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Charlottesville Fire Corps relies on corporate and private support and grants for our services.  

We accept in-kind gifts of supplies and services.

To learn more about how you can help support the efforts of the Charlottesville Fire Corps

Contact Mary Loose DeViney, Volunteer Fire Corps Executive Director


Mary Loose DeViney, Volunteer Fire Corps Executive Director
Charlottesville Fire Department
203 Ridge Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902